Group Corporate Profile

A Globally-Diversified Company

Investors Club


The purpose of setting up CYAMLAN Investors Club is to share the investment logic, investment strategies, investment information and industry information in a variety of economic cycles with a wide range of institutional investors, family funds, individual investors, government agencies, etc., so that the investors can make the investment decisions in a more clear and objective manner, identify investment risks and make reasonable asset allocation, so as to achieve the preservation and appreciation of asset value.

As a specialized asset management and investment institution, CYAMLAN regards the assets of investors as value as our life, and has maintained a long-term collaboration relationship with many domestic and international investors.

  •   We will always regard the assets of investors as value as life, and spare no efforts to protect the continuous appreciation of the managed capital;

  •   Regardless of the rise and fall of the market, we will strive to ensure the stable growth of the invested enterprises and create long-term value;

  •   We are committed to ensuring transparency and openness to investors, and creating outstanding returns for investors by virtue of investment intelligently.