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CEO Message


As a specialized organization, we have always adhered to the rigorous and professional code of conduct, regarding clients’ assets as our life. The code is the foundation of our work and is from infinite trust of our clients to demand us helping enterprises create value.

As a specialized organization, preciseness, profession and the faith of regarding clients’ assets as our life are the code of conduct we have been always adhered and the foundation of our work. Meanwhile, it is the clients’ infinite trust that urge us to help enterprises create value with certainty.

Every company and project, no matter how strong they are, needs teams and talents to implement. CYAMLAN’s development and achievement, in addition to the clients’ trust, is inseparable from the hard work of every employee. Every time when our clients encounter difficulties and need help, CYAMLAN’s staffs, with honesty, integrity, unremitting efforts and long-term perseverance, uphold their expertise and maintain objective independence to provide wisdom and experience, and help enterprises solve all kinds of tough problems. What enterprises need is more than a capital “transfusion”, but help to solve their practical problems. Hence when our staffs help the enterprises, they have also helped millions of families.

CYAMLAN’s corporate culture, “Both Morality and Ability, Morality before Ability”, prompts us to highly care about our staffs’ moral character, integrity, perseverance, honesty and correct cognition and logic, so that the outstanding talents can maintain the enthusiasm and interest consistent with the company business. There is nothing happier for me to see these excellent staffs accomplishing value upgrade for our clients, and becoming respected experts.

As a specialized organization, we are firmly committed to helping our clients increase and preserve the value of their assets. It may take years for us to establish a strong cooperative partnership, which can be easily reduced to ruins in just a few minutes. We are always exploring “how can we do even better?” and “how can we create even more value for our partners?”

Looking ahead, we have a clear vision and strong confidence to realize this vision with great enthusiasm. Our mission is to help our clients build long-term values, and establish long-term mutual trust with our employees, investors, clients, partners and more families.


– CYAMLAN Investment CEO, Mr. Landing Zhang