Group Corporate Profile

A Globally-Diversified Company

Special Meaning of CYAMLAN

Alternative Asset Management: It refers to asset management of corporate private equity, real estate fund, fund of hedge funds, mezzanine fund, senior bond funds, private hedge fund and close-end fund.

Portfolio Management:
Traditional asset management: this management is entrusted by an institution or people and funds are mainly invested in secondary market, bond and money fund.
Representative Institutes: bank, wealth management company, trust and fund management company. CYAMLAN’s portfolio management belongs to a branch of alternative asset management which takes the enterprises (entities) as the main part, offers value-added services and help shareholders create values through total solution. Measures taken can be divided as follows: company listing (mainboard listing, growth enterprise market, backdoor listing, etc), equity expansion (seasoned equity offering, allotment, bonus stock, stock pidend and transfer of accumulation fund, etc), company shrink (company separation, company spinoff, share flotation, etc.), share repurchasing, merger and acquisition, turnaround, combination or integration, partial or total property right transfer, issue of convertible notes, issue of stock rights and lease. All the measures are used to help enterprises create values.