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Listed companies have the pressure of secondary market growth every year, as listed companies:

How do listed companies guarantee sustainable growth?
How to expand the industry? How to integrate within the industry?
How to improve the success rate of mergers and acquisitions? How to integrate the merged enterprises?
How to carry out industrial integration and industrial control?

These are the questions that listed companies have been thinking about. However, how to achieve them? And how to find a new profit growth point and be able to form a synergistic effect with the existing main business?

Based on its own industry research and the advantages of turnaround, CYAMLAN helps listed companies conduct industrial control from a long-term perspective; directed, targeted and strategic provides internal help in achieving and promoting outstanding performance, and helps listed companies start conducting external industrial integration.

•   Help the listed companies know real internal situation

•   Conduct in-depth research on relevant industries of listed companies

•   Design future expansion mould for listing companies

•   Help the listed companies to expand their industries, implement M&A integration after the private placement fund enters into the listed company

•   Finally achieve industry consolidation and Industry control