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CYAMLAN investment is an organization specialized in asset management, continuously and without stray devoting ourselves to putting our clients’ interests first, as well as devoting ourselves to clients’ asset combination management by means of financial investment, company acquisition, reorganization, turnarounds, etc. We also assist clients with creating values and achieving even greater profits, and we rely on our rich experience, knowledge, and problem analysis abilities to provide clients with a “one-stop” service. We weigh our own success in terms of our clients’ success.

The core of CYAMLAN “one-stop” service comprises of the establishment of business transaction structures and strategy selection. At the same time, it rapidly promotes the company’s performance by means of systematic implementation, as well as creates values. It lets our collaborative companies become stable and steady, sustain profits, leverage capital market, and achieve industrial and resource integration, which is the ultimate goal of our service.

CYAMLAN’s clients come from privately-owned enterprises, listed companies, private equity funds, financial institutions and other sectors, etc. CYAMLAN has always and continues to value developing an extensive cooperation with these organizations.