second-generation take the shift

Reshape Enterprise Core Competitiveness

Firm Inheritance


Company founders who were once energetic are faced with the lack of energy and strength, how do successors inherit business?

How do the growing second-generation inheritors deal with greater pressure of competition and management in the process of enterprise heritage?

How does family business make smooth shift between the first and second generation? How does the second generation cope with crises after the shift?

How do the second-generation inheritors reshape enterprise core competitiveness and refresh the enterprise through innovation?

CYAMLAN mainly focuses on the handover of the first generation and succession of the second generation of private family business, and ensures the smooth exit of the first-generation founders. Improve the corporate governance structure, optimize the existing personnel structure, re-establish the corporate and competitive strategy, and help the enterprise implement the strategy thoroughly, so as to promote the commercialization process of the enterprise and assist the second-generation successors in taking the shift smoothly.

Our Method:

Improve Corporate Governance Structure: through the adjustment of governance structure, make enterprises build a right decision-making mechanism to clearly distinguish family members of enterprises, shareholders, the board of directors and the managers;

Clear Strategy: Adjust the corporate and competitive strategy through industry research according to the industry development and trends.

Successor Cultivation: pass on CYAMLAN’s management experience and skills to the enterprises’ successors by close guidance to let them manage and operate business with effective systems and mechanism;

Thorough Implementation: Lead the second-generation successors to carry out business adjustment in accordance with the established competitive strategy, with thorough implementation of the corporate strategy. Through establishing enterprise management control system, we can help family businesses push forward their commercialization process, enhance execution ability and increase management efficiency to implement modernization management and realize the shift from family business to modern enterprise;