we see client's assets as high as life

Achieve Value & Create Value

Property Trust

CYAMLAN accept the custodies of asset management from business entities when:

 •   the founder can no longer effectively manage the enterprise or wants to exit management

 •   the first-generation entrepreneurs get old, while the second-generation who do not want to take over or cannot take over the business

 •   the original professional manager of the company embezzled the company’s assets, with dereliction of duty

CYAMLAN helps mandators  manage the entities asset and sends a team to the enterprise to manage and operate enterprise’s assets. CYAMLAN relies on its own ability of professional asset management and experience to help the consigner with maintenance and appreciation of assets value.

Our Methods:

 •   Help companies solve “a whole array of ” asset problems through a total solution

 •   Make effective allocation or spinoff of the assets or capital of the client, fulfill the trusteeship responsibility with honesty and integrity of asset managers, and regard the investor’s assets as value as our life

 •   Construct different family trust structures for different enterprise assets, carry out risk prevention and control on the entrusted assets, maintain independence and objectivity and strictly observe our duty

 •   Ensure reasonable and sufficient basis for investment decisions on the managed capital

 •   Deep involvement in the management of the business entities, to supervise or help enterprises operate more effectively with value appreciation

 •   Ensure continuous preservation and appreciation of the client’s assets and capital