wise investment

Profound Understanding of Industry

Private Equity Investment


Invest in enterprises with scale in the growth, maturity and recession period.

CYAMLAN always adheres to the our own pace of investment, we will not swim with the tide and sways by the market trend or blindly game in new hot industries. We are loyal to our core value: insist on investing in industries and areas we understand. This is our investment way.

We are patient investors and willing to develop and grow together with the companies we have invested. Combining with our business expertise of portfolio management, we help enterprises to improve their competitiveness and operational efficiency.

We Invest in:

   - Mature enterprises with poor performance growth
   - Enterprises needing turnaround in the declining phrase

Industries We Focus On:

   - Hith-tech Manufacture
   - Pharmaceutical/Medical
   - Food
   - Consumer Goods
   - Chain industry and consumer industry