additional appreciation for investment projects

Promote Company Performance, Curtail Development Cycles and Obtain Long-term Competitive Advantages

Post-Investment Management

On a global scale, investment institutions which can achieve real investment success with the successful exit not exceeding 20%, and those with excellent M&A success probability not exceed 30%.

How to guarantee the investment success and reduce investment failure?
How to increase gain on investments?
How to handle a company’s poor post-investment growth and performance?
How to bring the company additional appreciation?
How to provide LP a good return?

Engaged in turning around loss-making enterprises for many years, CYAMLAN is familiar with the problems faced by enterprises at different stages, and able to help the enterprises solve the tough problems, so that the enterprises invested by institutions can achieve real and healthy growth, offering higher possibility for institutions to exit successfully. We fully understand the pressure points of private equity investment, and provide a range of services around the requirements of the investment institutions, to help them make post-investment management more effectively.

Our Method:

Based on the systematic adjustment of corporate governance structure, business models, transaction structures, and operation management and finance management and other aspects, raising the company’s operational efficiency and management capabilities and persisting in the increase of net profits will be more effective in realizing the company’s goal.

Value Driving:

  •   Solving fund investment project’s problems of performance increase, guaranteeing that investment companies obtain long-term competitive advantages.

  •   Constructing company systems of strategy implementation, helping companies manage regulations and promoting performance, curtailing company development cycles.

 •   Enable investment institutes to realize a sound quit at a premium.