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Companies Become Stable and Steady, Sustain Profits



CYAMLAN is respected due to the help it companies to turn losses into gains.

When a company is in a moment of deficit crisis, with the money it barely has proved to be inadequate, the strategic window of time to be able to improve the deficit is only momentary, and the slightest mistake in decision-making and resource allocation can lead the company into a deeper crisis. Only by guaranteeing proper decision-making and rapidly bringing about changes can the crisis become a turnaround. This is also the most difficult sector of combination asset management.

There are a few companies that, although they profit, still belong to “invisible loss.” In contrast, this kind of “invisible loss” is strongly hidden. It is difficult for companies to discover, which gives them long-lasting and tremendous damages, the specifics as follows:

   - A company’s rate of growth is lower than the average rate of growth of the industry.

   - A company’s profit margin is lower than the average profit margin of the industry.

   - The market price of products is lower than an industry’s average standard for a long time.

   - The cost of enterprise is higher than the average standard of the industry.

CYAMLAN stresses on the priority of resolving these invisible losses, rapidly helping companies “turnaround”. They optimize the company’s structure and asset allocation,  improvie the corporate governance structure, establish enterprise management system and make overall adjustment, help enterprises in maturity and recession period turnaround, promote its profit capability to enable the company profit to reach or surpass the average profit of the industry, establish a long-term, steady competitive advantage, and establish a foundation for a future integration of corporate entity and capital.