Group Corporate Profile

A Globally-Diversified Company

CYAMLAN Concepts


Everything that we do complies with one set of principles: a concept of creating long-term value, contributing to our company culture, and also ensuring our system of values. This is the basic strength of our business. Our attributes and our successes to a large extent depend upon our culture and our systematic values. This deep-rooted value system core has helped pushed CYAMLAN forward to create worth for society, cooperative partners, staff, and companies alike.

Mutual Profit: Stakeholders can all be satisfied.

Integrity: Everything that we do, and our reputation, no matter whether as an individual or as a company, integrity is essential. We continue to classify integrity as a basic step to developing our company.

Trust: People always work with those whom they like and trust, and as a specialized organization, we resolutely devote ourselves to establishing and maintaining long-term cooperative partnerships, regardless of whether it has to do with internal and external relations or with trust and transparency. We know that it takes several years to establish a strong cooperative partnership, one that could easily go to ruin in just a few minutes.

Innovation: We must never stop creating new trains of thought and new methods. There has never been a time when we have stopped our pace of innovation. We are always exploring methods as to “how can we do even better?”, “how can we create even more value for our partners?”

Team: Our staff is our most valuable asset, and team cooperation is our heart for successful operation. We are proud to say that our method of vigorously cooperating with even more partners achieves the best results. We continue to search for new methods to help each other, and we staunchly devote ourselves to making an inclusive environment, allowing everyone to enjoy the taste of success.