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Brand Love Scales


Brand love scale from JM (2012), 56 items
This is a version of the Brand Love measures used in a study of a clothing brand. Some of the questions are worded to be appropriate for that context. You will need to modify these questions to make them appropriate to whatever your chosen focal brand is.
It is substantively the same as the measures used in Batra, R., A.C. Ahuvia and R. Bagozzi (2012) “Brand Love,” Journal of Marketing, 76, 1-16. However, some of the non-substantive wording has been revised to make it faster for respondents to read.

Brand love mini scale, 8 items
This mini scale is still something of a work in progress. The items in blue in the reduced scale above, are the proposed mini scale items from the reduced scale. Not all of the mini scale items come directly from the reduced scale. Some are reworded. I’m also proposing that the mini scale include 1 direct BL item, to improve face validity. I’ve listed them here. There is also a useful factor analysis in the file BL_Miniscale_priliminaryAnalyses.xlsx.
As of 12-10-12, this is the current state of the mini scale:
1. Overall, how much do you “love” American Eagle Outfitters? (not at all: very much)
2. To what extent is X is connected to something ‘deep’ and valuable about whom you are as a person? (not at all: very much)
3. To what extent do you feel yourself desiring to (use, wear, go to, spend time with, read, watch, etc. as appropriate) X? (not at all: very much)
4. To what extent do you feel a positive emotional connection to X? (not at all: very much)
5. To what extent do you expect that X will be part of your life for a long time to come? (not at all: very much)
6. Suppose X was to go out of existence, to what extent would you feel upset? (not at all: very much)
7. What is your overall evaluation of X? (negative: positive)
8. How INTENSE are these overall feelings and evaluations you just gave above about X? (not intense at all: extremely intense)

Other measures used in the study
Functional quality of brand
I believe American Eagle products…
1. Have functional quality.
2. Are practical.
3. Are well made.
7-point “not at all” to “very much”, with “moderately” as a mid-point.
Loyalty/word of mouth/resistance
1. How would you describe your loyalty toward American Eagle?
7-point “very weak” to “very strong”
2. If you were shopping again for this kind of product/service, would you…

7-point “definitely not buy American Eagle Outfitters again” to “definitely would buy American Eagle Outfitters again”.
3. If you heard something bad about American Eagle Outfitters, to what extent would you question those statements, in your own mind?
7-point “not at all” to “very much”.
4. How often have you found yourself saying positive things about American Eagle, to other people?
7-point “never” to “very often”.

Brand trust
Please express below, for each question asked about American Eagle Outfitters, the extent to which the statements apply…
1. I trust American Eagle Outfitters.
2. American Eagle Outfitters meets my expectations.
3. I feel confidence in American Eagle Outfitters.
4. American Eagle Outfitters is a brand name that never disappoints me.
5. The American Eagle Outfitters brand name guarantees satisfaction.
6. If I had a complaint related to American Eagle Outfitters or one of their products, they would be honest and sincere in addressing my concerns.
7. If I had a problem related to American Eagle Outfitters or one of their products, I could rely on them to solve it.
8. American Eagle Outfitters would make every effort to satisfy me.
9. If I had a problem related to American Eagle Outfitters or one of their products which could not readily be resolved, they would compensate me in some way for the problem.

Secure attachment style
Please express below for each question asked, how you feel it describes you.
1. I often discuss my problems and concerns with others.
2. I turn to others in times of need.

3. I seek out others for comfort and reassurance.
4. I enjoy giving support to others.
5. Others seek me out for support and comfort in times of need.
7-point “does not describe me at all” to “describes me very, very well” scale, with “describes me moderately well” as a mid-point.