Investor Relationship Team:


The team is responsible for providing accurate and updated information to the investors through periodic reporting, conference with investors, real-time discussion and one-to-one answering, to deepen mutual cooperation relationship and to satisfy the investors with investment and service performance, during fund operation period.

Strategic Implementation 

That is referred to strategy implementation meaning enterprise’s target and strategic planning are implemented and enforced in a systematic way to ensure its strategies are achieved. The strategic implementation is essential and fundamental to strategic success.

Cautions in Strategic Implementation 

  • We cannot survive or develop in an effective and sustainable way without strategic implementation system.
  • More than 90% of the enterprises are running short of strategic implementation.
  • About 90% of the enterprises have to face market competition and industry impact passively.
  • The strategic implementation system is changing dynamically
  • The game rule: 100 – 1 = 0

Management Control System


  • The management control system is also referred to strategic implementation system, meaning the system covers the whole process from enterprise strategy setting, to competition strategy until strategic implementation and enforcement.
  • Management accounting is considered as an important integral part of management control system. It plays a very important role in either daily or strategic management activities by managers.
  • Management control system is established with “strategic implementation’s core, which is built on the foundation of capital and asset pricing model;
  • Management control system framework includes: company strategy, competition strategy, function strategy, value chain adjustment etc., and also covers: system control system, culture control system, performance evaluation control system, motivation control system, budget control system and risk prevention control system.
  • Fundamental elements of management control system: strategic planning, budget, resource allocation, performance measurement, assessment and motivation, accountability.
  • Purpose of management control system: to make enterprise run and manage smoothly and enable it to accommodate to market change for sustainability;