Lantian Zhang

Mr. Zhang Lantian is CYAMLAN Investment’s CLO (Chief Legal Officer) and excels at IPO, private equity investing, and M&A reorganization. He provided legal services of IPO and M&A for several domestic companies.

Lawyer Zhang Lantian is also a partner lawyer of Grandall Law Firm (Shanghai), the deputy director of Shanghai’s Lawyer Association M&A Organization Committee. At the same time, Lawyer Zhang Lantian is a certified public accountant and a qualified certified tax agent of China.

Important clients and businesses that Lawyer Zhang Lantian has serviced before include listed company projects such as Zhenhua Port Machinery, Tianshan Cement, Mudanjiang Gaoke, Shenyang Synthetics, China Trademark Office, World Union, Luolai, Dalian Keybridge, Bestry, and Shanghai Hoto; Tiangu Biology and other Shanghai Equity Exchange listed projects; private enterprises including Yongjin Group, Lianbang Technology, Sunshine, Holley, Chiway Holding Group, China Trademark Office, Guizhou Yonghong Foods, and Top Young Auto. He has also worked in transnational corporations before, such as B&Q, Hughes, Panasonic, Honda Motor Company, Mitsubishi Corporation, S.C. Johnson & Son, Asahi Chemical Industry, and Carbone Lorraine. As for large-scale state-owned businesses, he has served COFCO, CBN, Duo Xun Yuan、and IRICO. In addition, Lawyer Zhang has also worked as an agent in the lawsuit of  business entanglements, the number of arbitrary cases accumulating to nearly 100.

In the last three years, Zhang Lantian’s main specialized legal works are Capital Management Tax Law Practice and Real Evidence Analysis of Company IPO Audits.